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Through the transition from craft to industrial production, according to the most classical history of the Italian manufacturing tradition, Dentalfarm product range has been changing and evolving along with the three generations that brought the Dentalfarm brand in thousands of dental laboratories all over the world.

The research and the development of advanced technical solutions have always been a distinctive feature the Dentalfarm offer and has lead to the realization of the widest range of blasting centers and micro-sandblasters on the market, strengthened by the introduction of Patented solutions as the filtration system “W.A.FI.S” and the heated tank “D.O.S.”. Dentalfarm catalogue includes also the vibrators (the fi rst product developed by the company), a complete range of surveyors and ISO milling units, model trimmers, a motorized centrifuge casting machine and a range of electronic induction casting machines under medium frequency, vacuum mixers, burnout furnaces and porcelain furnaces and a steam generators range.

The comprehensive and well-articulated offer also includes all the equipment used to assist the daily work of a dental technician such as micromotors, bunsen burners, e-bunsen, hot wax spatulas, air tubine, hydraulic press, polishing units, pinhole drilling unit, stump separating unit, electric suction units and an excellent range of bench led lamps with magnifier.

Fostering the company’s attitude Dentalfarm decided to invest further in the last decade by introducing a variety of exclusive products for the Dental Laboratory. The IDEA and IDEA PRO sandblasters range, the PHOTOPOL PRO range, LED light-curing units for dental composites (evolution of the famous predecessor equipped with traditional UV lamps), the LC-TRAY PRO for resin trays and a new steam generator, the HYDROVAP PRO have been created.

The growing popularity of advanced technological solutions and the creation of new “digital workflows” has allowed Dentalfarm to leverage its experience in the design and engineering of a complete range of LED curing-units to post-cure 3D resins. This opportunity has led to the launch of PHOTOPOL trademark which represents a promising new chapter in the history of the company and a new fascinating journey to be taken.

“In the history of Dentalfarm we fi nd the value of the people who lived and worked to make the company grow, here in Turin, a city rich in history and traditions that combines culture, art and architecture with the industrial tradition par excellence of our country. It all started with my maternal grandfather, Pietro Castellano, who in 1947 had the intuition to create the first vibrator for plasters and investments for dental technicians, founding the Società Castellano. Always an enlightened man, thanks to his vision he developed other original machinery and, at the beginning of the Seventies, he handed the company over to his daughter and his son-in-law. Maria Castellano and Giuseppe Catella, my parents, created then the Dentalfarm brand in 1972, giving new strength to the company, also thanks to the acquisition of sole agencies for pharmaceutical products. The third generation then, with their sons Laura and Alberto, continues the company mission by proposing innovative products through the research and marketing of cutting-edge equipment.

Today, year 2023, more fifty years have passed. All products designed and manufactured at our factory in Turin, in the name of cutting-edge technology and customer satisfaction, are sold in Italy through a network of distributors with whom there is a unique long-term collaboration, built on mutual knowledge and enriching relationships both personally and professionally. Our equipment is distributed all over the world through collaborations and partnerships with international dealers that recognize the uniqueness and the quality of a product that is “Made in Italy”. In recent years, a relationship not only professional, but also human, was born with many of our clients, a personal relationship that is easily generated when you work with us at Dentalfarm.

I am very grateful to my parents and I thank them here for everything they have done in their life and not just at work. I also thank my collaborators for their constant commitment and dedication together with all our clients for the trust shown over the years and for having contributed together to achieve great goals in this half century of history.”

Thanking you from the heart.
Laura Catella, Managing Director.