Dubai, 5-7 February 2019

New year and new projects “come to light”. The first venue to introduce a brand new project to the International market is Dubai. The city will host next year EXPO 2020 and it is a flourishing of projects that will make Dubai an even more strategic hub for business in the Middle East. The AEEDC exhibition is an opportunity not to be missed. Dentalfarm is here with its booth, at the Italian Pavilion, with the complete UpMarket Range. The IDEA & IDEA PRO sandblasters, the steam generator HYDROVAP PRO, the new LC-TRAY PRO lightbox for resin plates and PHOTOPOL PRO, the light-curing unit for any dental composites; they have all been displayed together with the new unit that captured the visitors’ attention, PHOTOPOL, developed for the post-curing of objects printed with 3D biomedical resins. PHOTOPOL features a “Vacuum+Gas System” and it’s an excellent solution for post-curing of 3D printed resins in Class IIa used by both 385nm/405nm printers.